Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I could just squish you! - AHSC #94

It is that time of the year, the dreaded children's Valentine card time of the year! Don't get me wrong, I love making cards, I would not have this blog if I didn't but the prospect of making upwards of 80 valentines for the 3 girls to take in for their class. I am not a fan of the store bought cards but to use up my beautiful Close to my Heart papers on a bunch of JK, Grade 1 and Grade 2 children who likely will not truly appreciate the hand made aspect of the cards leaves me in a conundrum. Do I buy the cheap store bought or do I take the time to make them...decisions, decisions, decisions! I will probably break down and make them in a feverish hurry tomorrow as we are inching closer and closer to Valentines day and time is running out!

Here is a sneak peak of what said home made Valentine card might look like, what do you think? I literally threw this together in about 10 minutes, with the help of the AHSC for this week. 

Products used:

- Cranberry and Lagoon card stock



- Black Pen (not CTMH)

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Lauren Moore said...

This is adorable- I love the monsters from this stamp set.

Lisa said...

Really cute! I just have to get that set....let's see. 10 minutes x say cheap store bought! No shame in

Anonymous said...

Our 9 year old granddaughter lives with us and she wanted me to do homemade Valentines for her 29 classmates. I initially thought of the overwhelming task that they would be unappreciated and then I thought..."what a compliment that she didn't want the cheap (overpriced actually) store bought cards" I also used the Love Ya Silly Stamp Set.

Lisa Mensing said...

So cute! I've been seeing a lot of these little monsters around. I made Valentine's for my nephews one year. It was time consuming but worth it when they said.....Ours was different from everyone else.

Brandi said...

Thank you everyone! Paper crafting Princess, I know how you feel about overwhelming to do so many that is why mine were rather simple, I had 30 to do for one Junior Kindergarten class, 17 for a grade 2 and 20 for a grade 1 class, plus teachers and such, it was a lot and I procrastinated and did them the night before, that was the prototype, the mass production was the night before.

Lisa - I agree, I thought of buying and I do let the girls because they love the princesses and stuff but it is so much more meaningful to make them and the girls loved helping out and making them. One of my daughters got a hand made card and was so excited about it!

Thanks for all the kind comments!

Lisa said...

I guess our kids know the love that goes into a handmade card so they appreciate it. I have two grown boys and they both let me know when they got theirs and that they loved them.