Monday, September 16, 2013

Deepest Sympathies

It truly saddens me that I need to do yet another sympathy card but here I am again doing another sympathy card. I have a supply of birthday, thank you, and congrats cards on hand for those last minute needs, but it feels so wrong to me to have a stash of sympathy cards on hand so I am often left making them quickly as the unfortunate need arises. 

I threw this one together rather quickly with the help of the Atlantic Hearts Sketch Challenge. I altered the sketch a bit by adding in the square of flowers, they are kind of my go to for quick sympathy cards. 

 I apologize for the horribly yellow picture, I did not take the photo in my normal area so the lighting is a bit off, but I also threw out my back and was only able to stay in my scrap room for a limited amount of time.

Products used:

- Basic Grey (not sure the name though, they were scraps)

Ink Colours:
- Chocolate and Outdoor Denim

Stamp Set
- D1306 Treasure Life

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Michelle Stewart said...

I really don't like making sympathy cards either, but am thinking that I should have a few on hand. I really like the colours you used, it is muted, and just adds to the feel of the card. (hope you are feeling better soon)