Monday, March 10, 2014

Feeling Lucky?

Oh my, I am a bit behind in posting actual artwork and for that I am sorry! This winter has been a rough one at our house. We have had snow on the ground (like much of Canada) since November, we usually get a storm it melts away and a while later another storm comes. Not this year, it never melted away and just kept coming and coming. Add to that the fun term of 2014 the Polar Vortex and well it has been a very cold, very snowy year for us and all of that fun has led to a house of very sick people! I for one never get more than a slight cold but not this year, I was sick, in bed not moving sick in December right over Christmas for 2-3 weeks, it took a long time to rebound from that one. Then all was good, the hubby and the kids had a few little sniffles along the way but I thought we would be good and make it out of the winter with nothing else but NOOOOO I was so wrong. I went to bed one night about 3 weeks ago and I had the feeling, you know the cold from the inside out and just could not get warm….I knew it was not going to be good and it wasn't. I slept for 49 hours straight with the odd washroom break or drink of water but really I did not leave the bed for 49 hours and with 3 toddlers that is a feat! Thank god for the help of my hubby and his mother, I do not know what I would have done. And even after the 49 hours in bed, it has taken me about 3 weeks to rebound fully. Unfortunately, as I began to feel better the hubby went down with pneumonia (for the like 6th time in 2 years) and has been home sick and out of work for almost 2 weeks now, we think we caught it in time and are hopefully he can return to work soon, the last time he was off work for 8 weeks!

So am I feeling lucky? Hard to say honestly but I am very hopefully that we will be lucky and not get any more snow and that the weather will slowly start to warm up and I do have a very small spot of grass showing through the snow drifts in my back yard, so that makes me feel that lady luck is slowly waking up from her long winter slumber and about to visit us. 

This week at Heart 2 Heart Challenges the theme is Feeling Lucky? What does that mean to you. When you think of lucky where does your mind go? For me it is all about St. Patricks day and four leaf clovers, it is March after all. Our Design team has come up with some awesome projects for what makes them feel lucky. Why not click the link above and take a gander, you won't be sorry!

I used Topiary ink for the 4 leaf clovers and I double stamped or I think it is also called second generation stamping where you ink up your stamp and stamp once on a scrap then again on your actual project to give it a muted affect. I did not second generation stamp on the outline of the clovers. I also used our Colour Seam binding (retired) and Foundry Frames (also retired) on this page. The green card stock is not CTMH, I am not sure what it is from as it was a scrap. The stamp set is the March Word Puzzle (retired) and all of the images in the random stamp are from that same set. 

I hope you like it, it is a bit simple but with just starting to feel alive, simple was the best I could do for now!

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Katrina Brown said...

I love this card! Hope your guy recovers quickly and your family stays well!!

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