Monday, April 07, 2014

Oh Snap! - Heart 2 Heart Challenges

It is time for another Heart 2 Heart Challenge! This week it is all about the Cricut! Our challenge, should you decide to accept it is to use a Cricut die cut in a unique or different way! I will admit that I am not one who can look at a shape of say a heart and see endless possibilities of things you can create, I see a heart! So knowing that about me I was worried about this challenge to be honest. I poured over all my cartridges looking for that divine inspiration and guess what I came up with....a big whopping NOTHING! So then I decided to stop looking for shapes and just looking and then I got it, our over lays. In the Artbooking cartridge is a lot of overlays and I have seen people use them to make stencils and such so that is what I turned my eye too. 

I love this chevron trend right now so I gravitated to this one and I took my ink out and some sponges and I went to work. I used the help of my friends over at Color My Heart for the colours I was going to use, because again, why think about it they will do it for me and hopefully force me out of my comfort zone! I was thrilled, the colours of the rainbow. I will add my 6 year old was too, she loves anything and everything rainbow so I had an audience once she realized what I was doing. 

So any hoots, I put a bright pink overlay down and sponged the colours on in the colours of the rainbow (thanks to the leapfrog picnic basket that sings red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple its a rainbow for reminding me of what order the colours went in...LOL!

So products used were:

- Smoothie, Sunset, Buttercup, Sweet Leaf, Lagoon, and Gypsy

Stamp set:
- Sightseer

- White Daisy and Sunset

Here are a couple of pictures of how I masked it and as you can see I did not aim for perfection, I wanted the messy imperfect look!

Just another reason to LOVE the Cricut Artbooking cartridge!

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