Monday, August 25, 2014

H2H Challenges - It is that time of year....

The most wonderful time of year....back to school time! We are T-minus 9 days until the wee ones are all back in school and we have a routine and order back in our lives. I always chuckle and think of an old commercial for the office supply company Staples had at this time of year, I did not have kids when it was popular and airing but I did get it and now that I have 3 school aged girls, I SOOOO get it. If you would like to see the commercial, you can view it here.

Now while I am super duper excited to see my girls off to school, they are actually more excited than I am. My youngest is starting Kindergarten this year and is so over the moon excited to start school, she has been there a lot with all the volunteering I do and seeing her sisters go off to school every day on the big bus, it has been to much for her to bear and now it is her turn to go. 

To start the year off on the right foot and to introduce myself to our girls new teachers I am making each of them a welcome back card so I can give them my information and a few tips on our girls and their personalities and quirks (they have quite a few quirks!)

Here is the first of the cards I have made so far. 

This card is my design team entry for the Heart to Heart Challenges. The theme this week was inspired by food and well I am not inspired by apples but it went well with this teacher card and an apple is a food, yeah this teacher card was inspired by apples....that is my story and I am sticking to it....tee hee hee!

To see more awesome work from the talented ladies over at H2H just click here.

Products used:

- Scholastic (retired)

- Ruby

- B1407 School is here

- Burlap (retired)



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ScrappyHorses said...

Love this card! The colors, texture, everything! Great idea to get the year started with new teachers!