Monday, February 25, 2013

Cricut Craft Room

I am a tech geek, give me a computer, smart phone, tablet and let me go to town and I will master that thing in no time. Now I am not IT smart but I know my way around every day technology BUT when it comes to my Cricut it is another story. I actually own 2, I have the original baby bug and 2 years ago I upgraded to the Cricut Expression and while I do use it on just about every page or card I make, I know there is so much more I can do with it that I don't. Why you ask...that is a great questions, I am scared to death, that is right I am afraid of my Cricut, it intimidates me. It is my goal, to learn more about the different features and functions and this video about the Cricut Craft Room is right up my alley to get me started. I hope you find it as informative and helpful as I have. 

Did I mention I also have the Cricut Gypsy (thanks to my dear hubby who got it for me for Christmas a couple of years ago) and between the Gypsy and this, I really think I will be able to take the fear out of using my Cricut to create some fun and unique products. I really hope this video helped and that it has inspired you to dust off your Cricut and get it chirping again!

Until next time, happy scrapping!

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