Monday, November 09, 2015

Trending Now - Niagara Falls! - H2H challenge

#family, #love, #makesmehappy, #ctmh, #bestjobever...ahhh hash tags! Remember when this # was a number sign? I do! (obviously since I typed Times have changed a lot since I was a kid. The new hip thing is to see what is "trending" aka making news, getting noticed, the hot topic (and yes I realize I sounded super old saying the hip new

For this weeks challenge I decided to do a layout. Now I do not know if #niagarafalls is a trending topic on social media but in our house it comes up often. Niagara Falls was one of the first road trips we took our girls on and they LOVED it and still talk about it all the time. We have been back one other time and it is always a favourite topic so it tends to trend in our house. I also used some different things you can find on social media such as a locate arrow and a hashtag stamp for #makesmehappy.

Products Used:

- Zoe
- Glacier and White Daisy card stock

- Glacier and Sweet Leaf

- #makesmehappy

- Zoe Compliments
- Zoe Assortment
- Bitty Sparkles

- Sketch Pens
- Clean up your mess Font
- Build a Banner Set by Sarah Hurley

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Lauren said...

I absolutely love your take on this challenge with the social media touches, great job!