Monday, May 04, 2020

Our COVID-19 Story

Hello! Happy Monday. We are in week 8 of social distancing and I for one am so ready for this all to be over and life to slowly (and safely) return to some sense of normalcy.  However, I do realize that these are unprecedented times and while many aspects are horrible....people being ill and dying, there is some side affects that are good...more family time, a slower pace, catching up on crafts, projects, chores we did not have time for before....

This weekend was National Scrapbook Day and CTMH held an all day virtual crop and one of the visitors was Stacey Julian and she was speaking about telling your story and why the story is important and she was telling us about her grandmother and an illness that had affected her vision but that she did not know the full story and details and how she wished she did. This really got me thinking about this whole COVD-19 pandemic and while I have every intention of creating a scrapbook about all that is going on now it really got me to get started on it....NOW! While everything is fresh and current in our mine, while I am living and the emotions, stress, chaos is all very real. So here is my start this to COVID-19 scrapbook...thank you Stacey!

I will be adding pictures, this morning I sent the pictures I have already taken of this time to be printed off and will add them soon. I also have pages I am working on discussing Online schooling, FaceTime Birthdays, Girl Guides via Zoom meetings and so much more. If you have not thought of doing so, please think of this time and document how this is affecting or changing your family. 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I welcome any and all feedback. If you would like help with purchasing any of the products mentioned my post today, please contact your local CTMH consultant. If you do not have a CTMH consultant and are in Canada I can absolutely assist you in ordering. If you are in the United States, New Zealand or Australia, I can help you locate a consultant local to you for ordering. 
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Until next time, happy crafting!

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