Friday, August 30, 2013

First Sleep Over

Since the adoption of our girls we have had a lot of first, as everyone does with new little ones in the house, some of our firsts are a bit different. Not everyone has a first sleep over with their kids but my husband and I did and it was so fun but so nerve wracking too. We were nervous the girls would be scared or not able to sleep, but really it was my husband and I who were afraid. I am sure the girls were nervous but if they were they did not show it at all and were troopers!

I do have one regret from all of these firsts, I was so busy and so overwhelmed with being an instant mommy to 3 that I do not have a lot of pictures, I have every picture I took on here, 4 pictures from 2 full days of playing, but I am happy I got these and even more important than the pictures (yes it is possible for a scrapbooker to think there is something more important than pictures) and that was spending time and bonding with our girls, what could be better than that?

Products used:

- Dream Pop

- Not sure the name of them but they were from the now defunct (over 5 years ago) TLC - Topline Creations

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